5 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Your DUI Attorney Charleston SC

DUI Attorney Charleston SCWhen you are arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence, it is an extremely serious matter which requires you hiring legal professional help specializing in DUI law. You should take the time to find the best attorney to suit your needs and that will focus on your case. If you aren’t comfortable with a legal professional, wait unless you find a DUI attorney Charleston SC  that you trust completely.

1. Don’t be afraid to question questions – This could be life-changing experience, especially if you are relying on your vehicle to get you to work. Be sure that you ask the DUI lawyer exactly how many DUI cases they have tried ahead of? What strategies they used to get favorable results? Is DUI their only specialty? What percentage of their own current caseload is related to DUI cases?

2. Don’t settle for generic answers – If you’re getting answers that do not fully explain in detail your questions, how would you think they could be received when a judge or jury is listening during a trial? All answers need to be easily understood and clear. If not, move on to a more professional DUI attorney that is on your list.

3. Know your charges upfront – The DUI attorney must be able to clearly explain your costs throughout the entire process. The last thing you are going to need is getting a bill for a supplementary $15,000 because your case eventually had to go to trial and you assumed all fees were included. All attorney fees must be in writing with a clear definition of all costs through the process.

4. Interview multiple law firms – Never look at the first DUI lawyer interview and assume you found your legal professional. In many different circumstances, lawyers have a vast history of schooling and court experience, so no two lawyers are going to be the same after you do some digging. Do not feel you have to sign with a lawyer just because you took advantage of a free consultation.

5. Staying informed – Communication must be open and precise when you are talking with your attorney. Do they need to call you for each little detail? If your DUI makes the process clear at the beginning, you will not be left wondering throughout the process and calling them every five minutes to see where things stand. The lawyer should explain to you at the beginning of your case when they will be contacting yo, what they will be discussing, and what you should be expecting at key points during your case.  If you’d like to know more visit: CharlestonAttorneyGroup.com